The Status Network

The Status Network builds the products, tools and infrastructure for resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities.

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A Robust and
Powerful Ecosystem

We build decentralized technologies ranging from protocol-level infrastructure to consumer applications — forming an open source peer-to-peer technology stack.

Have a project or idea that supports the mission?

Submit a proposal to the Status Network through Assemble - our decentralized funding platform. We are looking to fund projects across each layer in the stack that support our mission.

A Mission,
driven by principles

Our peer-to-peer technology provides anyone, anywhere access to private and secure solutions - we’re working to empower sovereign communities around the globe.

SNT - The Status Network Token

SNT is the native token of The Status Network and connects the products and services throughout the ecosystem. It governs the network, powers products features, and incentivizes ongoing initiatives.

Network News

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